Sonic The Hedgehog Movie and It’s Controversy

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On April 30th, Paramount Pictures finally dropped Sonic the Hedgehog trailer.

Four years ago, on AMC Movie Talk announced that Sega announced that will go in the movie and tv industry.

At the time we didn’t know which one would be feature films or TV Series but here is the list.

Altered Beasts

Golden Axe

Streets of Rage

Crazy Taxi

Rise of Nightmares

At the time it wasn’t announced that Sonic would be a live action film. I think Sega decided to add Sonic The Hedgehog after the list was announed. I think it was a good idea for them to release a film on Sonic but will it be great? hmm….

A trailer dropped for Sonic The Hedgehog film featuring James Marsden and Jim Carrey.

There was a huge controversy on how Sonic looked and to be honest, I kind of agree to the complaints. However, by the looks of the trailer they are trying hard to make it look as real as possible so that’s why I’m not complaining but Hard Dying Sega fans are. I have read reports that the animator will change the design of Sonic however I don’t know how true those reports are.

Jim Carrey as Doctor Eggman is such a perfect casting choice and he is one the reason why Im invested in this film. From looking at the trailer I think he is going to sell this movie. Another reason why I am invested is obviosuly the gorgeous James Marsden. I love James Marsden. The very first movie I ever saw him in is Bella Mafia. Which he played a psychotic mafia hitman. I didn’t think he was great for comedy until I saw the film Enchanted and Hairspray. He’s such a versitile actor and I admire that about him.

Will it break box office? Honestly, No I don’t think so. I do think the movie will be decent. I think the movie will be good for what it is but will it break box office like a Marvel Movie, no absolutely not. I really hope I’m wrong and if I’m wrong I will be writing a post about it.

What did you think about the trailer? Leave your comments down below

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