IT: Chapter Two Trailer

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You already know from the title and yes I am a day late but I finally saw the IT: Chapter Two Trailer and it’s ICONIC!!!!!

Ok so if you haven’t seen the trailer I’m going to post it now because they are definitely going to be spoliers in this post.


Seen it? Ok! A Bitch is shooked!!!!

First off let me start off by saying Kudos to the person who edit this trailer and approved it. I love the fact they added a scene rather showing too much for a teaser. I love the fact they chose this paticular scene. If anyone who read the book will understand why I say this was perfect. I don’t know what it is but old people creep me the hell out. This trailer was great didn’t show too much but enough to have fans wetter than the Atlantic Ocean.

The part of the losers club older and they are looking at their reflection with the image of them being younger is absolutely Iconic!

As much as I love the 90’s version of this story, I do have high hopes for this one.

I read an article that made me more invested into this film. In the book there is a hate crime scene. I will not go into detail if you guys wanna know either find the article or read the book. I am happy they are adding this scene. This scene was not added in the 90’s film due to how graphic it was. Not saying it because it was a killing scene but the nature of the content and I feel things were so different in the 90’s that back then you wouldn’t be able to see on screen. Now it’s a much different time and I’m so excited.

Back in my other blog posts I had said about the look of it and I wasn’t invested in it at all. After seeing the first film it had me with my mouth dropped. The handsome Bill Skarsgard played it so well.  Even though, Tim Curry is Legend, Bill is becoming Iconic in his own right.

What did you guys think about the trailer? Leave a comment below!

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