New Updates and Seven Years

Hello Droogz and Diamonds

Welcome back to my blog!

Happy June! I can’t believe we are half away from 2019 ending. It’s been bittersweet so far but its and as every year a learning experience.\

So far what has been going on these past six months well anything parental related you can visit my other blog at

I have been writing again which is such an amazing thing. I stopped writing even blogging as you can see I really don’t blog as much but this will change starting today.

As you read from the title it says New Updates

Here are a few updates

I started writing on Wattpad again YAY!!! Yes, so if any of you have a Wattpad account please comment your username and I will be more than happy to give you a follow, a like or even a shoutout.

I will be redesigning this blog. Originally I had designed it to where you can see my writings, my photography and even provide services for both. Unfortunately, there was no business coming in so I have decided to officially stop photography and writing services and just focus more on my writing.  I don’t know why the business didn’t go as well as expected. Maybe I wasn’t putting enough effort. Maybe people just didn’t like my work. It could be many reasons but for that, I will just showcase my writing.

I have added a new section that will be coming soon and its called short stories. All of my short stories whether its new ones or even ones from my wattpad stories will all be there.

Not a sure thing: So this has been something I was thinking about doing for the longest. I will start putting more content on YouTube. I don’t know what type content as of yet. I need to figure things out before I can even start. This is something that I will start planning out soon.

On a personal note: The past seven years have been a rollercoaster. I have lost and gained friends and family. I have been in such in a very bad place. I have had people call me names (such as slut, hoe, bitch) everything but I do want to say as much as things like this do hurt me and yes I am human I am not innocent by any means, it just hurts me. I have been battling with depression for more than seven years now and In the past seven years, I felt as if my life was heading in the right direction. It just went all downhill. In future posts, I think its best if I better explain my life and how things shaped me as a person and how if I just had listened to mostly myself on things I wouldn’t be where I am today. However, one thing I will say is that no matter what people say, no matter how much it hurts me, I will never ever let anyone ruin my spirits. I have and always will lead the life I was supposed to. I have always believed in God and with him, I will persevere anything. Nothing and nobody will tell me anything different. I had people tell me even till this day I will die trying to make it. I believe in myself I believe the universe has something tremendously great for me and I leave everything in God’s hands. Im not going to be here and pretend that everything has been smooth sailing. It was far from it. I just want to be real with you guys on my personal life. I don’t want anyone to feel that nobody can’t relate. I definitely can.

How will I keep this blog? As many of you who have followed me, from the beginning, I used this blog to write film reviews then it became anything. I will continue to write film reviews, also I will be included book reviews. I will also discuss more on what’s happening both in the film and writing communities and last but definitely, not least I will be writing on the basics of filming and writing and give you my personal experiences.  And I will be forever be known as the Dutchess of Horror, the queen of film, and an author.

I know I don’t have that many followers but I do know is that for the followers I do have I want to say thank you. Thank you for your support. It’s been seven years since I created this blog.  I want to say it’s been a long time but I am just happy that I can reconnect and stay connected with you all.

And as always

Be Kind, Stay Pretty


N.L. ❤




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