When They See Us Review

Hello Droogz and Diamonds,

Welcome back to my blog. How are ya?! In today’s blog is my review on Netflix’s limited series  ‘When They See Us’. Created by the Iconic Ava Duvernay, this tells the true story of the Central Park jogger case.

Before I get into my review. I’m pretty sure none of the Central Park Five men will read my blog but I just want to say as a latina, as a minority, as a New Yorker and a mother to a son I am so heartbroken for you guys that this happened to you.  This is so upsetting that you guys went through this and no justice will happen. Korey Wise, my heart breaks for you especially, I can’t believe this is what you went through. I cried. I watched it with blur vision because that’s how much I was balling my eyes out. My heart goes out to each and everyone of you. I admire the courage, strength and the knowledge you give to us about your experience. I don’t have to meet you in person, just hearing you guys speak of your experiences and how overcoming or still overcoming that experience or even explaining why you can’t over come any way it’s a privilage.


When They See Us Review

Script: In a 4 episode series I think the writing was magificent. It didn’t focus on the case but on actually the boys lives and what happened to them. In most true life stories that get made into films or series they only focus on the crime and not on the actual victim of the crime. In this case, it was a rare situation because not only did you have the woman who was attacked the victim but also these five guys who were portrayed as the suspects, thrown in jail with no evidence whatsoever, they are victims. It was sweet, informative for someone who doesn’t know about this case. It was just very well.

Acting: Everyone did a phenonmenal job. However I have to point out Jharrel Jerome. His performance playing Korey Wise is riveting. Jharrel Jerome is the only cast member to play One of Five Central Park men for both as a Teen and as an adult.  To see just a glimpse of what Korey Wise went through for 13 years is appalling. For him to loose his practically twenties for something he didn’t do and Linda Fairstein (Yes I’m calling you out girl) to not bat an eye nor loose sleep is outrageous. She’s vile. Point blank.

Shooting: Shooting of the film was compelling. There is one paticular scene I want to pointout and its when Matias Reyes talks to Nancy Ryan. The low angle shot of Matias Reyes confessing to the attack of the central park jogger captivated me. The low angle shot gave him this sense of power because of his confession.

Rating: 4.5/5- For a 5 hour series, this was informative to someone who wasn’t familiar with the case. This shows the point of view of the Central Park 5 and after their convition. It gave us a sense of what they had to go through after the trial. I recommend anyone who was born during and after 89 to research the case and watch the series.

I understand this is a review on the film. However, I must as always express my thoughts. Ever since the premiere of When they see us, Linda Fairstein has been under fire. I am one that always looks and every point of view. Honestly, No one and I mean no one should support a woman who put 5 innocent teens into jail, who wrote crime books, didnt bat an eye nor lost sleep knowing she ruined five lives. I always support my writers however I can’t support her. She should be boycotted and at least get justice for those young men who lost their youth over a overbearing, corrupt blonde who just was more worried about her name than anything.

As always, Thank you for following my blog. Im always grateful for the support youre giving me.

Be Kind

N.L. ❤





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