It: Chapter 2 Final Trailer

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In today’s blog, a bitch is SHOOKED!

Today It: Chapter 2 Final Trailer dropped and I can’t tell how invested I am of the film.

As a fan of the book, there are so many elements that are in here that weren’t included in the 90’s TV Mini-Series.


Before I go into my review on the trailer, I am given a WARNING. There are SPOILERS in my review. If you haven’t seen the trailer, check it out above.


The trailer opens up of the clip where the Adult Mike is speaking then it transitions to where there was a man in the river drowning and Pennywise extends his hand. This is a controversial clip. Anyone who read the book knows that this is the hate crime scene that was not included in the 90’s TV Mini-Series. If you guys never read the book or just saw the 90’s mini-series, there is a part of the book where a gay couple was being heckled by three guys. One of the gay men gets tossed into the river, then he meets his demise by a greeting from Pennywise to which all three men get charged for a hate crime they sort of didn’t commit.


There’s another scene where Adult Bill goes into a funhouse chasing after a little boy to only find Pennywise in the fun-house on the other side. His face changes into an evil demonic clown. Honestly, it looks like a scary version of a killer clown. Remember killer clowns from outer space.


Then there is a clip where Beverly smashes the mirror. If you freeze-frame it you see one of the guys to which I think it’s bill and Pennywise has Bill in a headlock. I can be mistaken about who Pennywise is behind.

There are articles that there are in talks for a part three. Hmmm? I wonder how or why?  It all depends on how they do part two but if it can lead to a part three I’m so definitely invested.

As someone who appreciates the work of Stephen King, This is the best adaption yet (Besides The Green Mile). Will it break box office numbers? Um, I would like for IT to make some type of record in the horror genre. I know it’s not going to box office hit like avengers but I think it will make over the budget spent making this film

I love everything about this. The sequel is going in the right direction. Bill Skarsgard you are ICONIC!!!! I wrote that in my last post. Yes, Tim Curry is legendary but Bill Skarsgard made this ICONIC and in and when in the future maybe 27 years from now they decide to reboot IT, well it’s going to be tough to portray Pennywise for Bill set the standards on it.


On September 6, it will be giphy-4



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