Netflix Review: Mortel

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Ok, this quarantine sucks. I’m sure it sucks for everyone! While being in quarantine, I finally had time to catch up on some shows that I was invested in seeing and one being Netflix’s original series Mortel.

Mortel is a French-produced television series. Created by Frédéric Garcia,The plot is about two teens by the name of Victor and Sofiane who make a pact with voodoo god Obé to solve and avenge the apparent death of Sofiane’s brother Reda. Voodoo God, Obé, has given Sofiane powers to manipulate other people’s actions, Victor can read minds. Both must be near each other in order for their powers to work. Luisa, who practices voodoo like her grandmother, help the guys to get rid of Obé from the Mortal World.

Did it work?

My Review:  I loved the series. What really stood out to me was the visual effects and the story. The first episode was kind of flat for me. It was slow built up, but it was important. The story itself was very intriguing. Using supernatural as voodoo magic/god into the story and having two characters who truly are the opposite of each other become friends. What I wished they would have done was give the character a little more backstory. What I was more impressed about was the realism in the series. Every detail in the series made me feel this is what a modern day in France is truly like.

Overall I think its a good series, flat but decent, check it out on netflix.


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