What is the worst book of all time?

Hello My beautiful aspiring writers!

Now, I was wondering was there a list of the worst book ever. I mean every time I say “Hey, what do you think is the worst book ever?” Nine out of Ten, people will say Twilight. I thought so as well but there is one book that took the throne of the worst book of all time. Until… I heard about the book “Handbook for Mortals”. Now, I don’t go by anyone because who knows, I might like the book. However, doing my research I find out that this book is INFAMOUS!

The author of this book, not only was on the New York Times bestseller’s list but she bought her way into the NYT Best Seller’s list by buying bulk copies of her book. GIRL! WHAT WERE YOU THINKING? I want to make this very clear. I don’t believing in bashing anyone, people have passion, like how I have a passion but girl, you didn’t have to do that. Work for it. Im not the best writer in the world. I am no Stephen King but best to believe I will bust my ass to become the writer I want to be.

Now my review

I don’t think the book is terrible. I think the book would have been successful, if the writing wasn’t poor. I think the author should have outlined this book. There’s nothing wrong with not outlining if it’s all in your head but I feel, this book should have been. There cliche moments, to where I felt the author could have been stronger in her writing. One thing I know is that, the main character Zade is perfect. For me, that’s a turnoff. It felt like I was back online reading fanfiction. The dialogue was too juvenile. It reminds me of the app game Choices. There is another female character in the book and Zade doesn’t like her for no reason other than she is another girl. It’s a trope that I can’t stand. There is no personality. The characters aren’t developed. Using names like Mac and Cam is confusing to a reader. Since we are talking about characters Jackson Rathbone & Clark Kent. Honestly, I feel this author probably used things that happened in her life and just changed the name and added magic.

Jackson Rathbone

As, YouTuber Caleb Joseph would say, the trees don’t deserve this. It’s about dating but there is no relationship with any of the characters. There is no antagonist. I wished the author read to herself first before publishing it. Now, I’m not even upset that she did what she had to do to get to the bestseller list. However, read what you wrote. Use Grammarly, Pro writing aid, give it to your blunt friend who enjoys reading books.

Overall, I agree with the 1 star rating for this book. It feels like it was a first draft published. I really wished the author would elaborate more on the story. Have you read “Handbook for Mortals”? What do you think about the controversy? What book you do think is the worst of all time? Comment below.


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