More ‘Godzilla vs. Kong’ Footage Revealed in Brutal New Teaser

If you can’t get enough of King Kong punching his nemesis Godzilla, then you’re in for a treat. Fresh off that explosive trailer debut last month, another new teaser for Godzilla vs. Kong has been released online, showing off even more of the fisticuffs to come.

With Godzilla Vs Kong heading to HBO Max at the end of March, a new teaser has surfaced online revealing more of the battle between the two towering Kaiju beasts. The first full trailer for the film showed off the epic scale of the fight, but it all seemed very one-sided, with Kong bringing the fight to Godzilla with plenty of furies. But the new footage suggests that he’ll also take a pretty rough beating too.

The teaser sees the little girl who can communicate with Kong telling him to be safe in his battle after he’d been knocked down. Although since Godzilla does have a nuclear beam that he can hurl at his opponent, Kong definitely needs to be on his guard. Obviously most fans are expecting the pair to team up at some point and there’s a shot in the teaser that seemingly shows off Mecha-Godzilla towering above innocent civilians with red glowing lights coming out of its chest. Obviously that could still just be pure speculation, but at least there isn’t long to wait. Take a look at the new Godzilla Vs Kong footage above.