New Scene for ‘Zack Synder’s Justice League

How do you get a girl excited for the new Justice League film? Simple! Add a new scene! Yes, Zack Synder who did one of my favorites (Dawn of the dead) has released a new trailer and they have the Joker in it. Zack Snyder has premiered the official trailer for his cut of Justice League ahead of the release. With over 2,000 new visual effect, the four hour long cut will premiere on HBO Max in March.

No, not Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker but Jared Leto. Lets be real. Jared Leto’s Suicide Squad Joker wasn’t great and not his fault. I felt there were so much more scene with him in it but it was just cut out. So for that I don’t think he was the worse Joker. I pray and hope that this will redeem himself. Synder did reveal that Leto was not part of the original cut, but the actor was game to give his Suicide Squad role another shot in Snyder’s cut of JL. As he should be given that shot.

Producer Deborah Snyder is pulling back the curtain a bit on how The Snyder Cut was created, revealing on the LightCast podcast (via The Playlist) that they only shot one wholly new scene after getting the go-ahead from Warner Bros.

Snyder stressed just how labor-intensive the upcoming Director’s Cut of “Justice League” has been. No, not because of the reshoots, but because the film has ballooned to four hours in length and they had thousands (yes, THOUSANDS) of visual effects shots that were required in about six months.

Lets pray the film isn’t all just about the effects that make the film interesting but the storyline as well.