Train to Busan gets a US remake

South Korea’s successful Zombie flick is getting a US Remake. Reported by Deadline, Indonesian filmmaker Timo Tjahjanto is in talks to direct it.

The remake will be released by New Lines Cinema, which is a part of WarnerMedia. With Timo Tjahjanto in talks of directing, James Wan will be producing and Gary Dauberman will be on board to write the script. Dauberman has written all the Annabelle movies in the Wan’s Conjuring universe.

Tjahjanto is best known for his brutal 2018 Netflix martial arts movie The Night Comes For Us and the horror movies May the Devil Take You and its sequel May the Devil Take You Too, which was recently released by Shudder. Besides the Annabelle movies, Dauberman has also written IT and IT: Chapter 2.

Train to Busan was directed by Yeon Sang-ho and released in 2016. The movie was set on a high speed train during a zombie outbreak and focused on a group of passengers who must work together to survive. It was the highest-grossing film of 2016 in South Korea, and currently stands as the 14th most successful South Korean movie of all time.

An animated prequel titled Seoul Station was released in 2017, and the live-action sequel Peninsula arrived last year.

My thoughts: Honestly, They should leave this one alone. I have seen great Asian horror movies or Asian movies period. Here come production companies doing remake American versions of it and it just… well it sucks. BIG TIME! I suggest to watch the original dubbed or subtitled.