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Wonder Woman Trailer

Droogz and Diamonds,

I know I’m late but Here it is. The Trailer for Wonder Woman.

Batman VS Superman was a definite hit and miss type of film. I felt that Zack Snyder as much as of a visionary he is and original, this film wasn’t meant for him. I was invested at first but then seeing the film ehhhhh, the film dragged. It didn’t keep me intrigued.

Once they announced Gal Gadot will be playing Wonder Woman, I was definitely not invested at all. I felt she wasn’t fit for the role. Then I saw Batman VS Superman, now there she was BAD ASS!

They made the announcement of a Wonder Woman feature before Batman VS Superman was even released. The film’s director is none other than Patty Jenkins. If you don’t know what other films she’s done, She directed ‘Monster’ by Patty Jenkins.

The Wonder Woman Trailer was DOBBY!!!!! (meaning it was good)

I think this will bring DC back up after that what I think is a boring BVS (Batman VS Superman) Film.

Now the question is, Am I invested? YES I AM! YES YES YES!!!

If you haven’t seen the trailer, watch it below!


Any other films you want to talk about, Comment Below

Be Kind, Stay Pretty



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Trainspotting Sequel ‘T2’ is finally here!!!

Hello Droogz and Diamonds!!!!

I took a long Hiatus but I’m back and lots has happened. Literally. But my life will be in another post.


Trainspotting is about Heroin addict Mark Renton (Ewan McGregor) stumbles through bad ideas and sobriety attempts with his unreliable friends — Sick Boy (Jonny Lee Miller), Begbie (Robert Carlyle), Spud (Ewen Bremner) and Tommy (Kevin McKidd). He also has an underage girlfriend, Diane (Kelly Macdonald), along for the ride. After cleaning up and moving from Edinburgh to London, Mark finds he can’t escape the life he left behind when Begbie shows up at his front door on the lam, and a scheming Sick Boy follows.


Finally, Trainspotting 2 ‘T2’ Teaser Trailer is out. The original cast is back and I’m like  a fat bitch eating chocolate cake. 🙂

Spud, Renton, Sick Boy and Begbie are all back and I cant wait to see what story will be told.

Trainspotting was based off a book written by Irvine Welsh.

The film was dead on. I loved how Visual it was rather than being expressed in dialogue. My favorite scenes is the worst toilet in Scotland



The drug Overdose..

This film will make you have all kinds of emotions but will keep you intrigued.

If anyone who hasn’t seen Trainspotting and have a Netflix account please grace your soul with this movie!

My favorite character out of all is Spud. He is goofy, sweet but yet has a bad side to himself.



Have any movies want to talk about let me know by commenting below!

Be Kind, Stay Pretty


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Finally the LIGHTS will go OUT!


Droogs and Diamonds
How I have missed you!!!! I know it should be a sin for me not to keep posting blogs. Honey if it was I’d need to be baptized in a holy ocean!

Bad Joke

Anyways there has been so much going on me with me. I never talk about my personal life…… Ever but I need to start so I can stop seeing my therapist… She’s more delusional than I am…

That wasn’t a joke I’m being serious!

Anyways back to the sh*t I was going to blog about and I don’t mean sh*t like a piece but I mean the sh*t in a great way!!!

The film Lights Out finally has a trailer…

Yes yes please be hyped as I was when I found out. Seeing the trailer….. Ehhhh OK it looks great but I have a feeling the best parts are in the trailer.

Hey Horror editors, producers and Directors….. Stop with that ish… That’s what is killing horror!!!!

The film was based of a short film by David Sandberg..
I loved the short film. When I taught my kids in Multicultural middle school they loved it.

You’re probably saying why am I showing these kids these types of film…

Oh please like you wasn’t young watching horror films and if you was then your parents must have been corrupted religious people.

Again I wasn’t joking on that one ⬆

If you haven’t seen you are in luck its OK I’ll accept the appo-polly-loggies later!!

Now the trailer, I seen that they gave it a story which is great! I freaking love stories! Butttttttttt I just feel like its been done so many times.

I love James Wan I feel like he is the only one… Well he is the only one reigning in the horror game right now..

That’s because I haven’t stepped in… ::cough::
Omg my allergies!

OK one thing I loved is that in the beginning of the trailer is the same woman from the short film so boom right there I’m invested..

What made me feel mehhhh about it was how they are portraying the story. I feel its too cliché. There could have been different ways to go about it.

I think a jealous angry ex wife who has been murdered by her husband but really the ex wife and husband are uncle and niece… See how something so simple as lights out can be interrupted in so many ways.

But so far I won’t say I’m 100% invested but I’m there..

If you haven’t seen the trailer check it down below

Be Kind, Stay Pretty
A.J. 💋

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Leonardo DiCaprio, The Oscars and The Revenant

Hey Droogz and Diamonds,

This Past Sunday was an ending of a Streak. Leonardo DiCaprio finally won an Oscar.

Before we talk about his win and his career, lets talk about The Revenant. I saw this film a few weeks ago and let me tell you this film was f*cking phenomenal. When I first saw the trailer I was invested. Then I researched the synopsis of the film all to find out it was based on true events so that made more invested.

When I saw it, I knew this was Leo’s year. There was no way in hell he was not winning this year. I mean He was nominated so many times for an Oscar and people thought he should have won. The only time I felt he should have won for a role was when he played Arnie Grape in “What’s eating Gilbert Grape?”


He is an incredible actor. However, all other nominations he had were well deserved but not enough to win. There were other nominees that their performances outshined Leo’s.

When he was nominated for Wolf of Wall Street. I knew that wasn’t his year. The performance was great but it didn’t outstand Matthew McConaughey’s performance in Dallas Buyers Club.

Now back to The Revenant. This movie I have to say was the best performance Leo has given in his career. I loved him when he did “This Boy’s Life” co starring Robert De Niro.

The Revenant was directed by Mexican Filmmaker Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu (Won Best Director).

The camera angles, the acting, the dialogue, the story it was just perfect in every way.

I am a Winter Baby, I was born in February but go figure I hate snow and When I seen the things these actors did in the show I was giving them more props for that. That was just too much for me but that is the art of acting. This movie just made me fall in love with Leonardo and his acting career a lot more than ever. I loved him when he played Tobias, Arnie, Jack, Romeo and even when he played Arthur in the film Total Eclipse. But this was the right time, the right film for him to win.

Overall I was just impressed by the film and the acting in this film.

Have you seen The Revenant? If not, make sure you do

Whats’s your favorite Leonardo DiCaprio film?

Be Kind, Stay Pretty





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Ghostbusters Trailer 2016

Hey Droogs and Diamonds!

Hope all is well. I’m back with a new post and its none other than The new Ghostbusters Trailer with an All Female Cast

Now, when this was first announced people were not pleased at all. Since the original was an all male cast, fans figured they would keep the cast all male. However, I was interested in the all female cast. Now seeing the trailer…. I’m worried.

The cast of this Ghostbusters are


Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones.

I wasn’t upset as most people were when this was announced. Actually, this got me more invested in it. At the time and now, I feel this was a great cast choice because each of these ladies are funny in their own way and for me it works.

OK, so what makes me worried about film by the trailer?

The lines alone. Its cheesy and it’s been done before. I was expecting more raunchy or original comedic lines from these ladies.

So far I’m not fully invested but my reasoning would be because of the dialogue and not because it’s an all female cast.

If you haven’t seen the trailer check it down below!


Be Kind, Stay Pretty


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Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa

Hey Droogs and Diamonds

I’m back and with some Mighty News!

It was announced recently that Elizabeth Banks will be playing not Villainous Rita Repulsa!!!



After seeing the casting choice for The Power Rangers, I was intrigued. I will always be the Yellow Ranger so Ms. Becky G. You have a huge role in my eyes. You better Slay as Trini Kwan.

The Power Rangers will always be my childhood and a lot of people can agree with me.

Was I hyped about the casting choices?

Not Really.

Am I hype now that they casted Elizabeth Banks?


I think she will slay this role and give it her flavor to it which we should all expect!

Dean Israelite will be directing the flick. He has a tough shoe to fill as a fan of the original series! None of that Ninja, Space, Jerkoff crap. Dean Israelite directed Project Almanac.


Now, they haven’t made casting choice yet but Who can you see playing Zordon?

Now a lot of people were talking about Lord Zedd. I don’t  have choice as for an actor to play Lord Zedd. I feel he shouldn’t be in the first film. I feel that if the movie becomes a success which I hope (FINGERS CROSSED) He will be definitely in the second film.



2017 will be Morphin Time!

Be Kind, Stay Pretty


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Netflix and Chill: Trainspotting

Hey Droogs and Diamonds

I will be also talking about films that are on netflix. Hence the name Netflix and chill and No, Im not having sex while I’m watching these films.


For my first Netflix and Chill post I will be talking about the 1996 film Transpotting. I remember watching the trailer as a kid and the only thing that drawn to be was the toilet scene.

To sum up the film its about the life of a guy by the name of Renton who is a Heroine Addict and so are his friends. When Renton gets into trouble with the law, he is forced to go to rehab. When he gets clean, he can’t get away from his friends nasty habits.


Lets get into the characters

Renton Played by Ewan McGregor


Spud Played by Ewen Bremner


Sick Boy Played By Jonny Lee Miller


Begbie Played By Robert Carlyle


Tommy played by Kevin McKidd


I actually loved this movie. I loved the tone. The camera work, the editing was visually perfect for the story.

It explained the narration of Renton who is a drug addict in a very visual way. Example would be the toilet scene, then the second gif photo I have there.

There is a scene at really grabbed my heart and it involves with a baby. My mind was screaming at them. My mind Literally was like “You fucking junkies!” “Fucking drug addict dicks!” A BABY!!  COME ON!!! That hit me hard! Just look at the photo and you’ll know why I was screaming in my mind!


When I review a film I don’t like giving things away I mean if you do like it please tell em and I will give it all away. LOL.

This film was based off the book. Obviously books are always better and that’s why I want to get it just to see how deep the story is from the film.

One of my favorites has to be Spud. LOL. Spud is one of those laid back, getting high, enjoying life yet his flaw is that he follows his friends. He does anything they do, as if he doesn’t think for himself.

My reasoning for also writing this blog is because back in November they announced a Part Two. I heard about this before even seeing the film. Now that I have seen the film, I hope they moved forward with the sequel. I would love to know what happens!

If you have a Netflix account, Give this movie a try!

Be Kind, Stay Pretty


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McDermott’s Dart Night

Hey Droogs and Diamonds

Bars in The Bronx compete against each other in a

My best friend Steph plays darts for McDermott’s on Throgs Neck in The Bronx.

I did a little promo nothing huge to do for the Darts Team.

If you’re by the area Wednesday night come and Join watching the game and getting to know the players as well.

I will be posting up the Darts Event on my Events Page

If you live in the NYC and/or Bronx area come by Wednesday nights and Cheer for McDermott’s Dart Team.

If you need a Promo or Video done

Contact me Lovemediaforever@gmail.com



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Hey Droogs and Diamonds,

Here is your Box Office During this week

  1. The Revenant – $16.0M
  2. Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens – $14.4M
  3. Ride Along 2 – $12.5M
  4. Dirty Grandpa – $11.1M
  5. The Boy- $10.8M

After Star Wars ruling the box office for a while, Its not surprising that The Revenant has become number one in the box office.

I am surprised at The Boy being in the top 5. The film did have more of an intriguing trailer than The Forest but I don’t think its going to be as good as the trailer makes it seem.

Be Kind, Stay Pretty




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Suicide Squad New Trailer

Hey Droogs and Diamonds

Recently, there was a new photo released of the suicide squad which had me open like the pacific ocean!


That’s the photo but the poster had me fuc*ing mind blown. This was just on point! Take a look below!


Tonight was the release trailer of the suicide squad. The first trailer was released in comic con and it was leaked out. I hate when people do that but I thank the fan that did it because it was amazeballs. After it was leaked, Warner Bros decided to release it in HD. I think that was a smart move.

Now this trailer… ugh ok wait I have to say this trailer got me sooooooooo hyped! The beautiful cinematography, the music, how it just flowed and kept me glued to watch the entire trailer.

In this trailer we see more clips of Harley Quinn and The Joker. Ive always said Jared Let as The Joker was a freaking fantastic choice. He’s a phenomenal actor and he will do justice with this type of Joker. Harley Quinn, well Margot Robbie was just perfect casting. I can’t see any other actress do Harley Quinn so great job on the casting. This is the first time we see the Harley Quinn Character on the big screen so I’m excited about that. Having Viola Davis, completely sold me. She’s on her prime now and to have her on something that is huge for DC comics was a smart move. Will Smith as dead shot well lets be honest we all thought that was just awesome.

The trailer did justice for me and I can’t wait for August 2016!!!

If you haven’t seen it, take a look down below

Be Kind, Stay Pretty