Her Story

“See you at the top because the bottom is too crowded.”

A photographer and writer living in New York City.

 I’m Latina (Puerto Rican to be specific and no I’m not loud). Born and raised in the South Bronx. No, I don’t know JLO but I have passed by her childhood home many times.  I am the youngest of three siblings from my dad’s side, from my mom I’m the only child. I was always a quite, nice, shy child.  As time passed, I became more daring. Got tired of people looking at me like I was the Virgin Mary someone who was so innocent and angelic, to which I was neither.


If I had to choose one word to describe myself. It would be creative.


Since high school I became a Art Institute College dropout. That did not discourage me in anyway into making it into the film industry. I got my certifications in studio and field production. I have worked on film sets as a P.A., Script Supervisor, Producer, Director and worked with Phenomenal  actors such as Michelle Rodriguez (Fast and Furious 6) . I created a production company called Love Film Forever Productions. I have a cinematography and photography company called Love Media Forever, where I get hired to do events and other things. As of June 2014, I release a book called Pink Lipstick, Film Strips and My existence under the name A.J. Ramirez. I decided to use A.J. as a dedication to both my grandfather and my father.  I can’t say that I made it but I have worked very hard to be where I’m at today. I wouldn’t trade it in the world. My struggles and success makes the person I am today. Dreams can become goals. As long as you see yourself on top of the ladder then, the stars from the sky will be easy to touch.

Be Kind, Stay Pretty




3 thoughts on “Her Story”

  1. Well look at you AJ! You’re doing big things. That’s a very impressive bio you got there. You’re one bad Puerto Rican chick!lol I wish you much success. Keep doing your thing. Glad I found your blog too. 🙂

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