Her Story

“See you at the top because the bottom is too crowded.”

The basic things about myself… I’m a filmmaker and a writer. Filmmaking and Writing has always been my passions. I have a huge heart, but don’t take my kindness as if it was my weakness. I love to laugh. I like to joke around, be raunchy and have fun because life can end at any minute for everyone so enjoy the beautiful moments that we have.. La Bella Vita.

In this blog you entered not just any blog but you entered my world. From Laughter to Anger, from Happiness to Pain, From Determination to Accomplishments this is all about my life. All of me  uncensored. I have made a lot of mistakes in my life which I regret none but life is about making mistakes and learning the valuable lessons in life.

My  name is A.J. I was born and raised in The Bronx. Yup, that’s right I’m a Raunchy New York Native. Yo soy Boricua pa que tu lo sepa. I’m a proud to be Puerto Rican and wouldn’t trade it for any other nationality. I’m the only child from a tough single raising mother. So you already know I have to make her proud since it’s only me.

Growing up on Vyse, I was a quite kid. In school, I wasn’t popular nor did care to be one. Why be a swatch dog diet coke head when I can be  Original. I was the quite, shy, black sheep in my elementary school and people who read this from elementary school can agree. But no what matter what I was always had the giggles and still had a huge smile.  As time passed I became a tough sweetheart. I didn’t come from a family that had money. I worked very hard to get the things I have.

I started off writing poetry as an escape. My pain became a writing hobby. From poetry, I began writing short stories. Writing  not only became my passion but it kept me sane with all the thoughts running through my head (not to sound like I’m crazy but we all have ideas that pop into our heads, mines it’s just a more than usual) . Sophomore year in High School I started to Create slideshows with music from awesome bands such as Sum 41, New Found Glory, Good Charlotte and My Chemical Romance. I did a music Slideshow for a humanities project. The project went so successful that it landed me a spot to be in a program called Center for the Arts. Center for the Arts gave me the opportunity to meet people who worked on film sets, underground directors, and artists who worked for great companies such as Marvel. I had the wonderful opportunity to not only meet great people through this experience but I had the chance to intern with Sanctuary Records.


After the internship from Center for the Arts, I did a three day program called P.O.V. I also did an internship called E.V.C which stands for Educational Video Center. In E.V.C, 11 students from the boroughs of NYC and myself created a documentary about video games.  Which at the time I thought it was a lousy concept for a documentary but I’m glad that topic was chosen.

For doing all these internships in High School I was one of the very few females that showed interest in Film and made a name for myself in my graduating class. I was destine to rule the film world. Rule the horror genre. Becoming the Queen of Film.


Since high school I became a Art Institute College dropout. That did not discourage me in anyway into making it into the film industry. I got my certifications in studio and field production. I have worked on film sets as a P.A., Script Supervisor, Producer, Director and worked with Phenomenal  actors such as Michelle Rodriguez (Fast and Furious 6) . I created a production company called Love Film Forever Productions. I have a cinematography and photography company called Love Media Forever, where I get hired to do events and other things. As of June 2014, I release a book called Pink Lipstick, Film Strips and My existence under the name A.J. Ramirez. I decided to use A.J. as a dedication to both my grandfather and my father.  I can’t say that I made it but I have worked very hard to be where I’m at today. I wouldn’t trade it in the world. My struggles and success makes the person I am today. Dreams can become goals. As long as you see yourself on top of the ladder then, the stars from the sky will be easy to touch.

Be Kind, Stay Pretty



3 thoughts on “Her Story”

  1. Well look at you AJ! You’re doing big things. That’s a very impressive bio you got there. You’re one bad Puerto Rican chick!lol I wish you much success. Keep doing your thing. Glad I found your blog too. 🙂

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