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This post is one that I have to talk about. I briefly posted things on my twitter about it but I can’t keep shut anymore.

Maybe of my followers may know this story, maybe my followers don’t know, maybe this is the first time on my blog. If this is your first time on my blog, welcome.  In my blogs,  I have no filter. I write what’s on my mind and that’s how I have always been.

I want to make something clear. I am from The Bronx. Born and Raised. I’ve seen messed up things and I’ve been through messed up things. I have been betrayed by bitches who I thought were my friends but that’s gonna be on another post. In The Bronx, There are good areas and there are bad areas like anywhere else.

Unfortunately,  a 15-year-old kid by the name of Lesandro Guzman Feliz was murdered last week. This was a case of mistaken identity. There is a video circulating on social media on of Lesandro Guzman Feliz being dragged out of the store and stabbed by a gang. Then after being stabbed he goes back into the store asking for help. Everyone shunned him away. The poor boy ran to St. Barnabas Hospital where he collapsed and died.  I will not be posting that video. It’s too much.

The story that unfolded.

(I am going by media outlets and a story that is on social media)

This tragedy begins off with a Mistaken Identity.


Irving Osuna (seen in the photo with Stephanie Astacio) was the guy they were looking for. Back in August 2017, Osuna was on the bed while Astacio was having sex with another guy. At the time she was about 13 or 14 years old. First off, Where the hell was her mother. Why at 13 she’s having sex!!!!! She should be playing with Barbies or shit at least doing something productive other than that!!!

At first,

people thought it was this girl, who is a relative of one of the killers.


This is not the girl in the sex tape. She looks absolutely nothing like her. Anyone who continues to harass her through social media she has every right to take legal action.

June 20th, Junior enters into a store in fear for his life. Three men enter the store, drag him out of the store and viciously attack him.


The first male on the left fled to DR. His mother at first didn’t know about the altercation that her son was in. Once she found out she called the cops on her son and had him arrested in DR. The last thing that was heard about him was that he was cooperating with the police on the investigation. In New York terms, He’s being a rat.

Kevin Alvarez was the first arrest to be made.


In an exclusive interview, he said he wasn’t apart of the notorious gang. He admitted to dragging him out of the store but he only thought it was going to be a beat down and not a hacking and stabbing. During his interview, he said that he was going to a party.  So my question is why the hell didn’t you go to the party. What upsets me, even more, is that he is a father himself to a three-year-old boy. How would he have liked it if that was his son? He wasn’t thinking at all. I think his brain was on airplane mode. Kevin you telling me you didn’t see that machete? Oh please! However, The PO who said he was going to leave his cell open for people to attack him. That was just dead wrong and that PO should be removed. No matter the crime and how you feel, this is your job to be around criminals. Don’t be a savage and an animal like them.


These six men were arrested in Patterson, NJ. When they went to their hearing, 5 out of 6 want to play it off like their ass don’t know english. Please save the BS for someone who believes your BS.  There have been people on social media who say these gentlemen look anothing like the attackers.

The one on the upper middle is a rapper who goes by the name Canelito. A spanish reggaeton rapper. Man, you had a dream you was chasing! You was trying to make into the music industry! Why would you do something to jepordize it. Oh wait, that’s right you want to show little guys not even top notch Gotti OG guys but little guys how gangsta you can be. Yo now you’re goin to be rapping

No tires el jabón si no quieres que te toquen en el agujero de tu botín…

(Don’t drop the soap if you don’t want to be touched in your booty hole)

The one in the lower middle, yes the one who wanna look like Chris Brown as if nobody is gonna recognize him. He showed absouletly no remorse whatsoever! He better keep that same face when they read his verdict.

Now, Joniki Martinez is saying he isn’t the man in the red shirt. So then who is it? It has said that this guy has a tattoo on his neck. In this photo I don’t see a tattoo, but Ill look at the video again to see.


The leader of the gang sends a message to the family of Junior stating it was a mistaken identity and they are sorry.

I wish sorry was a spell to bring people back to life. What is sorry gonna do?

How can not one but a damn group of guys mistake an identity?

Honestly, This case has been all over the media with different stories. Now, the defense is going to play it out as they aren’t the men in the video. Ok, first of this is such a tragedy but in The Bronx, this isn’t the first tragedy that is similar to this. I’m happy this got media attention whatever the truth maybe.

Story 1: He went downstairs to give his friend $5 for the train then that’s where he got assaulted.

Story 2: He went to pay the store owner $5 and that’s when the attack happened

Stry 3: Junior saw them and started running. They mistaken his identity to someone they had a problem with (Not Irving Osuna)

We will never know the truth. As more the story unravels, it just doesnt make sense.

Living in the Bronx is tough! You gotta deal with BS like this. I love my Bronx but I can’t raise my kids here. I don’t my children to be a statistic. I understand there is crime everywhere nothing has changed. Crime is risen to 70%  in the Bronx. I truly hope that now all the politicans, people in the community will listen!! As for Donald Trump not commenting anything, is nothing new. Mayor De Blasio not commenting I’m not surprised either. It’s so sad.

I do hope everyone and I mean everyone who played a role in this attack AND WHO DIDNT HELP HIM GETS WHAT IS COMING TO THEM. I never wish bad on anyone but Karma is such a huge boomerang.

I will keep following this case more and updating more info.


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Amazon Studios WTF are you doing!!!

 Hello Droogz and Diamonds

I‘ve been so busy with writing and signing up for college which was hard for me but nevertheless, I did it.

Speaking of writing, I have a Wattpad account. Wattpad is like a social media based for writers. I recommended it to all writers who are looking to showcase their work besides a blog. If you do have an account, please follow me @MissNancyLydia and I‘ll follow back.

As much I would love to share about books and I will do so in another post, This is about the announcement on Amazon Studios. They are closing the open submission for scripts on June 30th. When I read their message, It hurt me deeply. I loved Amazon studios. I felt this was a great way for other screenwriters to connect with each other and have an opportunity for scripts to get picked up.

I find this decision a good but bad decision. Studios, especially TV Studios are looking for original fresh content. Amazon studios gave that opportunity for writers.

I created an account for Amazon Studios but I never post any work. I blame myself for letting bad experiences getting in the way of fate. I am regretting it now. However, you still can submit your scripts to withoutabox.com. It’s a film submission website. Look for the submissions and it’s requirements.

Even though it does pain me the decision that was made, There are other ways to get your scripts out there.


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Halloween Trailer

Hello Droogz and Diamonds!!!

Today the trailer for Halloween has dropped.  I wasn’t as this excited as I was for when the trailer for IT came out.

I am interested however I am skeptical. Here’s why…


Enjoyed the trailer?

Ok. I absolutely love the trailer.  John Carpenter teams up with Blumhouse Productions, Miramax, Rough House Pictures to produce a new Halloween film.

I have followed the Halloween Series. I actually like obviously the first film (Classic), Halloween 4: The return of Michael Myers and Rob Zombie’s Halloween. Out of the ones I like I would have to say my favorite would be Halloween 4.  After watching Halloween 5, I didnt have interest in the series anymore.

From the storyline on IMDB says:

Laurie Strode comes to her final confrontation with Michael Myers, the masked figure who has haunted her since she narrowly escaped his killing spree on Halloween night four decades ago.

Here is why I am skeptical. In Halloween Resurrection, Laurie Stroder dies in the psychiatric facility from a fall due to Michael Myers stabbing her in the back.  I’m guessing this is written in an entirely different universe where all the other installments won’t be incorporated. However, I wonder how it will flow nicely with the original. I’m just afraid it’s just going to give me false hope.

John Carpenter is part of the writing team with David Gordon Green and Danny McBride. Yes, the hilarious comedian from This is the end and Pineapple Express is a writer for this film.

By looking at this trailer, this is the Halloween installment fans have been waiting for. This should have been after H20 rather than having the ressurection installment. I do however am invested into seeing this and I can’t for October 19.

Comment below on what you thought of the trailer.

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The Services I provide

Hello Droogz and Diamonds,

My website has been changed and I finally put up a portfolio for my photography and for my films. If you haven’t seen my photography please click here.

These are the services I provide but I will go into detail about what comes with the service of your pick.



I will start from left column to right column.

Portraits- It can be from a single person to a family. Whether its a maternity shoot, headshots or family portrait it is for $100. You can do only one look and its ranges from 2-20 photos retouched. If you would not like the photos to be retouched you must let me know once you put in your request.

Family Session- This is for specifically for families of 5 or more. The price is $100 for 1 look. If you like to do more than one look it will be an additional $25 per look. The photos

Blogger Session- Bloggers out there who needs new photos on their website this is specifically for you. You can do two looks for the price of $100. 2-20 photos will be retouched.

Events- Whether is a beauty, corporate, small businesses, parties, shows or whatever event, the rate is $200 for two hours (Minimum hire is two hours) You will get 2-20 photos retouched.

Weddings- There is no specific rate for weddings because weddings can be from anything. I can do wedding ceremony to the wedding reception. Please send your request to the email above and I will give a quote. When you are sending your email please be very detailed in your request. Time, Hours, Prints, and What type of service.

Please note: All photography jobs can take 3-6 weeks. Only 2-20 photos will be retouched however you will receive the photos that weren’t retouched. This is only digital print, If you want prints with any of the services above with a set price please note that when sending your request. Printing is an additional fee. There is a traveling fee service depending on the location.  All date reservation requires a %25 non-refundable booking fee.

Custom Books- I have gotten a lot of this over the years. I create custom books for events. It can be stories for a child’s birthday party as a party favor or custom books for a company. If you have the story, that’s fine. Email it over and I will create it into a book. This can be just one custom print as a gift to a bulk order. The price varies on what you are trying to do. Please email me and I can give a quote.

Please note: Complete books can take 6-8 weeks. Please put in your request at least 9 weeks before the date that is needed. 

Editing- There are a lot of writers out there who need an editor to edit their stories or just need the help because they don’t have the time to do it themselves. I provide this service. It’s 500 words for $50 dollars. If its less that 500 words then its $25 dollars.

Please note: Edits can take 1-8 weeks. Please send writings in word doc format.

Film Editing- I do film editing as well. Film edits will be done on Adobe Premiere. Short films will be $150 for the edit and Features will be $250. If it’s a slide show that needs to be done it can range from $50 to $100 dollars. It all depends on what is needed and time frame.

Please note: Edits can take 4-8 weeks. Send video footage to a dropbox or google drive. Any information will be sent.

Print and Design- In the world of print people need things to be printed. Sometimes I. From a document to a full design for a business. I provide that service at a reasonable price.

Please note: Designs can take up to 4 weeks. Any printing can take from one day to 2 weeks. All orders vary.


*Some orders will have a shipping fee. 

If anyone has any questions please email me at Nancylyramirez@outlook.com

The Experience of Pregnancy

Hello Droogz and Diamonds,

As most of you may know I have a beautiful daughter by the name of Gianna. She will be 9 months this month. How time goes by so fast. In my pregnancy, I couldn’t wait for her to get out of me. Now she’s growing too fast.

My pregnancy was OK. At work people were kind, some of them had to be but others were genuine. I was stressed because of the ongoing drama. I imagined my first pregnancy to be a happy and joyous and that didn’t happen for me.

I had plans for a gender reveal but never had it. Plans for a baby shower but that was a disaster. I was fortunate to have the family I do.  I was blessed with gifts for my daughter. There was just so many negative things that I just removed myself from everything.

The cravings to which I had were not out of the ordinary as pregnant women on TV or in movies make it seem to be.

  • Chocolate- A craving and a rare one because I’m not crazy about chocolate. I’ll have it time to time but nothing huge.
  • Starburst- It was sweet flavors that made me want more.
  • Captain Crunch Berries- This was something I was always constantly buying. I never ate this until I was pregnant. I tried it after my pregnancy. The enjoyment of it wasn’t the same.

Would I have another child? The answer is yes! I am an only child. My cousins have their siblings but I was alone. I don’t want my daughter to have the same feelings as I do. As a child, about that, because you’re too busy with playing with toys or games.

I want to know what was your pregnancy experience. Comment below.

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The Time I went to Puerto Rico

Hello Droogz and Diamonds!

Happy Saturday!

I wanted to blog the first time I went to Puerto Rico. Before I can tell about my first time there. I wanted to tell you guys about where I am from.


I am a Puerto Rican American. For all of those who are confused let me explain. Yes, Puerto Rico is the commonwealth of the United States. We have limited rights as American Citizens. So, I get this all the time on why I tell people I am Puerto Rican American. My Mother was born in Aguadilla. It is located on the top left corner of the map. My father is from San Juan, which is the capital of the Island. Since both my parents were born on the Island and I was born in New York, I am considered a Puerto Rican American. If my parents were born in the United States I would be considered American.

My grandfather (who is my mother’s father) and I went to Aguadilla for two weeks during the Christmas holidays. My mother side is from Aguadilla. It is mostly known for the beaches. Surfers go to Aguadilla because the waves are better than any other place on the island. Aguadilla is also known for Parque Acuático Las Cascadas. It’s a modern aquatic theme park, the biggest in the Caribbean and The Crash Boat.


My first time ever going to Puerto Rico, I was 12 years old. I was really nervous and excited. It was my first time ever on a plane and I didn’t have anxiety then. If I go to a plane now, I don’t think it would be as soothing as it was the last time.

When I got to Puerto Rico, the climate change was a breath of fresh air for two weeks. Meeting family for the first time was an exciting moment in my life. One thing I can remember coming to Puerto Rico was the drive from the airport. If you’re going to Aguadilla you would go to Rafael Hernandez airport. Leaving the airport all I can remember is was the trees. I am from The Bronx, Not even Pelham Bay Park had beautiful trees like Puerto Rico did.

Christmas in Aguadilla is extremely different in The Bronx. My aunt and the rest of the neighborhood literally decorated the whole block. At night, It was nothing but Christmas lights. Every bright, beautiful and extremely creative. The neighborhood would chip in to throw a block party. The neighborhood would hire a band, cook food and have drinks. It was a difference between Puerto Rican and American culture.

The food- I will never ever forget it. If you’re going to the food court or going to places like McDonalds or Burger King the meals are called Combo. Instead of saying “Can I have the number 3 meal” you would say “Quiero el numero tres combo” (Please forgive me, my Spanish isn’t that great) Chicken Spots: Three piece chicken with fries, bread, small mash and a soda $3.50 (I kid you not). The home cooked food. There is a huge difference with food made by a Puerto Rican in American than a Puerto Rican from Puerto Rico. Down to the seasoning is different. Unless Grandma or Great Grandma is giving you the right recipes, the food is different.

Desserts- There is one that I will forever love. In New York there is a stand called Delicioso Coco Helado. What it is a frozen dessert cart. It comes with all different types of flavors such as Coco, Cherry, Mango, Rainbow, Tamarind and other special flavors. In Aguadilla, there is a shop that sells frozen desserts just like Delicioso cart company except with more flavors. Flavors you wouldn’t think of like… Corn. Yes a corn frozen dessert. Let me say how delicious it was. It was sweet and buttery. With Cinnamon added to the mix it was better than frozen dessert I have tried in New York by far.


Drinks- Since I was only 12 I can only speak about Virgin Pina Coladas. I couldn’t have Coquito.

I met family members, I heard stories about my family to which you can read in this post by clicking here.

Sightseeing- Unfortunately in both times I was in Puerto Rico I really didn’t get to sight-see a lot but I would love to in the future. There is one that I was fortunate to see and it’s a monument with a face of a Taino entering Isabella.


My first Trip ever out of the country, was the best experience of my life. It made me appreciate and learn things about Puerto Rican culture. It was an amazing experience to which I would love to take my daughter for her to experience the culture and know her roots from her family.

Anyone who hasn’t been to the country of their roots I recommend going unless if its not safe to go then that’s understandable.

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What I found on Ancestry.com

Hello Droogz and Diamonds,

Today’s blog post is to talk about my family’s history. My family and I have been trying to find a photo of my great grandmother (My grandfather’s mother). Unfortunately we didn’t find anything but a paper census. On the paper census shows my great great aunt, My great grandmother, My grandfather, His brother and Sister.

I also found out about my dad side which is really good. It comes pretty accurate.  I even found my great grandparents Marriage license. It amazing what you can find. However, We would like photos to see photos. My grandfather doesn’t have a photo of his mother. I’ve been doing this ancestry and I can’t find a thing.

If anyone can tell me where I can look for family history please comment below.

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ABC Cancels Roseanne

Hello Droogz and Diamonds,

Everyone has been talking about Roseanne Barr. I love the TV Show. It was one of my favorites growing up along side with Full House and Family Matters.

But Roseanne had made a racist remark to Valerie Jarret. If you don’t know who Valerie Jarrett is she is the former top aide to former president Barack Obama.

Hours after the tweet ABC cancels the Roseanne Show

“Roseanne’s Twitter statement is abhorrent, repugnant and inconsistent with our values, and we have decided to cancel her show” said Channing Dungey, president of ABC Entertainment, in a statement

Even cast members spoke out about the racist joke.
I am so upset that Roseanne Barr twitted that joke. It was in poor taste. I grew up watching Roseanne and always be like Roseanne Conner to my kids. However, I always felt she had racist views on certain things.
Then our president comments in defense of Roseanne. I mean I saw that coming because the man is a racist himself. Of course he would approve that.
I am deeply sadden for the ones affected by this. The cast and Crew must be devastated  but extremely upset.
First off, She was lucky to have everyone on board to come back. Then to do that and ruin for everyone it’s just sad.
Cast members share their opinions about Roseanne’s comments, especially Sara Gilbert who was a executive producer on the show.
I think cancelling the show was the right decision but I think ABC can go three ways with having a show with the other cast members.
Show Idea #1
Jackie played by Laurie Metcalf and Beverly (Jackie and Roseanne’s mother) played by Estelle Parsons should have their own spin off. They are hilarious together. I think this show would be a hit if the writers are the same writers from the Roseanne show.
Show Idea #2
Since DJ Conner is raising his daughter because his wife Gina is away in Afghanistan and Darlene is divorcing David and raising her two kids as well should live under one roof while raising their kids. They should have Becky as how Aunt Jackie was for Roseanne. I know it sounds like Fuller House but I think this would work as a show. They can call it Conners or I don’t know I’m making up as I go but I feel these two ideas can definitely work.
Show Idea #3
Dan and DJ goes into business together and opening a new bike shop or an auto mechanic.
Have Netflix buy the series.
What are your opinions about the whole Roseanne Controversy? Do you agree with ABC pulling the plug on the show? Comment Below
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YouTube and the channels I like..

Hello Droogz and Diamonds!

Happy Memorial Day. Today we remember all of those who fought, lost their lives and continue to fight for this country. May god bless you all and bless our country America.

I never had the chance to really watch anything on YouTube. The only thing I can say I do watch is WWE and what happened during WWE RAW and SmackDown Live since I don’t have cable.  It’s been a struggle for me since I lost my job. I will write about that in another post.

Back to the point. My mom is YouTube Crazy. She follows people who does Mukbangs and who does DIY stuff. However my mom has put me on to some YouTubers that I actually like.

Nik Avocado- He does Mukbangs and just talk about his day. I love the fact he is an open book and he shares his personal ordeals with the viewers. He shares his raw emotions to us. Some people say its for views. I say its because He’s genuine and he wouldn’t shy away his feelings. Plus he makes me want to try certain foods, like this one in the video.

Kashi Star (Divine Munchies)- She is a YouTuber who is Vegan, she does Mukbangs but one thing that makes her different in a way she reviews about products that she uses that are vegan or animal cruelty free products.

Only in Japan- John Daub who has been living in Japan for about 20 years takes on an adventure and shows us the beautiful country and gives us cool information about the history, culture and of course the food. This channel has literally convinced me to get a passport for my daughter and I and travel to Japan. First stop would be the vending machine restaurant, then the manga café experience. Although I wouldn’t be able to go to the Penis Festival if I’m bringing my daughter. That’s a trip for me and my girls.  The video above is actually one of my favorites. When I saw this right away I thought of the movie fifth element.

Krystal Couture- My mother is literally obsessed with organizers. She has been since I was a child. However she has some creative ideas and some which I use in my writings. She also gets personal time to time which I love as well. This is a go to channel for creativity in planners.

Check out these channels maybe you’ll like it or maybe come across another channel you will like.

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Why did I quit?

Hello Droogz and Diamonds,

I hope everyone enjoyed their memorial day weekend. I sure did.

Now the title of this blog says it all. Why did I quit? You must be wondering what the hell did I quit.

In 2016, I have decided to walk away from doing film, photography, and blogging. Here is why.

I want my readers or anyone who is reading this to know that I am not writing this in the intent to hurt anyone. I am just writing my experiences and just to let anyone has experience what I went through

Before I had made that decision, there was always something negative happening when I was creating something good. It had gotten to the point people didn’t want to work with me and I didn’t want to work with them. There were others that have supported me to which I am truly blessed. Here are some of the things I have experience in film and photography that made me just say deuces.


  1. There was a film called Dog Eat Dog. You won’t be able to find this film because it never got passed the pre production stage. I was hired to be a director. The person that hired me I thought was a friend. When you’re being hired by a production company as a director, you are considered talent and not a producer. The person that hired me wanted me to find the crew (to which I understood because at the time he was living in Texas) I agreed. Then leading from that I got a associate producer credit. Then, He didn’t want to give money to have an audition held to which I had to pay $100 for and only got $75 back. I never agreed to put any money in but I had no choice so I lost out on $25. The money didn’t upset me. What upset me is that I invested into something and I was hired to be a director. I had a team and I had a crew ready. He kept telling other crew members to delegate me. When I mean other crew members I meant a crew member that wasn’t a producer. A crew member that was like a locations manager. I got fed up because of his unprofessionalism I resigned as director. I had a vision and when I do a project I want it to be worth it not for myself but for others involved in the project. The unprofessionalism got even worse through emails, spreading lies about me and even deleted me off of Facebook. The worse of it all is he stole my story The Epidemic. it started off as a short film I did in 2010 and made it into a series. After the Dog eat Dog I was in the hospital waking up from surgery to get a message from him asking me to support his book. When I read the synopsis to his book it was exactly to the tea of the epidemic. I will never work with him ever again. I haven’t spoken to him ever since and I don’t intend to. If your upset fine but to steals someone art it just hits hard.
  2. There was a guy I met in a film shoot. He was a director of photography and I was a script supervisor. I guess he liked me so he started questioning me about my movie skills. One thing that annoys my entire soul is someone giving me a pop quiz about film. Like oh who’s your favorite director? and you cant say Steven Spielberg.  Oh how many movies you watch a day? What is a pull focus? GRRRRR…. SO ANNOYING. Long story short because I didn’t watch the list of movies he gave me and he was trying to talk to me knowing I wasn’t interested he said I wasn’t a filmmaker that I wasn’t passionate enough. Trashed my name.
  3. IF YOU DONT PAY TAXES ON YOUR FILM COMPANY THEN YOUR NOT A FILMMAKER! I’m not even getting into that one. The quote says enough.
  4. People cancel last minute. Screws everything up
  5. I did a show called MNR Seminar due to people not knowing there place in production and insulting me, I decided to pull the plug on the show. Mind you it was nominated for an award. I’m considering bringing the show back just working with different people and/or same people with different roles.

There is a lot more but these have stand out to which I said peace I’m out.

What made me comeback?

Simple…. I miss doing it. No matter what I went through, I miss the creativity, the work, the art and the few good people I have came across doing this. I miss creating content. It was one of the joys in my life.

Now that I’m a mother it has a new meaning now to me. I want to prove to my daughter that I didn’t give up. This time I am doing things differently using the experiences I went through as learning lessons to never happen again.

I want to know if anyone experienced something that just made them quit because of all the negativity or any experience and want to share your story. Please comment. I would love to hear people’s experience.


Be Kind to each other

NLR ❤️