Her Story

Born and raised in New York City, a eccentric Latina who found a way to escape into different worlds through writing.  I could describe myself as a lot of things but creative and passionate will always be the top two. I started blogging in 2014 as a film critic under the name A.J. Ramirez. I never was really personal with my life but this time I will.

As a child, writing was an escape for me. I was always writing more than requested in school. As I got older my writing from short stories, into scripts and filming short films.  Short films had led me into internships and working behind the scenes in different productions.


While New York City will forever be a part of me,  I have learned that there is so much more than the beautiful big apple.  I have fallen in love with traveling.  It has an exciting rush and it also made me more proud of the heritage that I am.

Much like myself, my love for art and film has grown and expanded. I’ve decided to share the worlds I write and share it with all of you. I also decided to take my talents as a filmmaker and photographer to the competitive world of freelance.  Having opportunities to photography Hector Acosta summer concert, Dominicans in the MYX honoring Dominican women in the industry, and other conventions and events.  I had the opportunity be in jobs where I can show my creativity and have worked with amazing people in the film industry and printing industry.  I have been blessed to use my talent to create a small business.  My small business has been baby steps but flourishing. It consists of photo shoots, editing videos, creating business cards, programs and much more. My dream is to expand my small business into a brand and a style that I created.

I love to meet and work with clients and solely bring their original ideas into reality, whether it’s a photo shoot or writing a children’s book.  I have never been the one to shy away from learning and trying new things. Trial, error and faith, I found my niche and it’s to be better than who I was yesterday.


  1. Well look at you AJ! You’re doing big things. That’s a very impressive bio you got there. You’re one bad Puerto Rican chick!lol I wish you much success. Keep doing your thing. Glad I found your blog too. 🙂

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