Billboard Music Awards 2014





Hey Everyone!

The Billboard awards this year was hosted by none other than the Fast and Furious Star and one of my favorite rappers Ludacris. ludacris


Yep, Ludacris hosted this year’s Billboard Music Awards and he looked amazing on the red carpet and he did an amazing job hosting the billboard awards this year!



Kendall and Kylie Jenner looking fabulous! Love the hairstyle on Kylie. Whoever doesn’t is simply a hater!


OH NICKI!!! Girl you was working it on the red carpet! I love the dress! I might cop the style when I loose my weight, Just don’t diss me like Rihanna did to that poor girl or it will be Solange VS Solange. But on a serious note Nicki  you looked amazing!


Shakira! First off I have been a fan of Shakira since day one! Im not talking about when she came out with her first english album. Im talking about when she was dominating the Latin Music Charts and had beautiful black curly hair with streaks of Purple, Pink and Blue. My favorite was “Estoy Aqui”, ” Ciega, Sordomudo” and “Ojos Asi”. Shakira is truly a diva.


Jordin Sparks looks amazing in her Tiny Black Dress!!! And Jordin Sparks, if you ever read this..



Ricky Martin looks great as always! And he held the sign of the #bringbackourgirls! I always love this man since menudo days even tho it was before I was born or I should say Living la vida loca days. Yeah that sounds better.


And of course! Jenny from the block looking Marvelous in this red gown! She is absolutely stunning




Opening the show was Pitbull and Jennifer Lopez with the world cup song we are one! I personally love pitbull better as a rapper than a singer but the opening was great!



Lorde. She is my favorite new artist! She debut her new song Tennis Court, Which the performance was uberly amazing! I mean it’s Lorde! Tonight, She won TWO yes TWO AWARDS. The top new artist awards and top rock awards.


Its been five years since the passing of the King of Pop Michael Jackson. In the billboard awards, they did a hologram performance of the king of pop like they did with tupac in coachella.  Michael Jackson is one of the perfect examples of heroes get remembered but legends never die. If you havent seen the “Slave to the Rhythm” Performance, click on the photo above and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.


Also great bands performed tonight! Robin Thick performed his new song and we all know who his song is dedicated to.


Then at last, Jennifer Lopez performs her new single “First Love” then she is presented the Icon Award. Now, let me say this as a girl growing up from the Bronx, I always admire Jennifer Lopez, She came from the same roots as myself, a puerto rican girl from the bronx just very passionate on the things we consider our First Love. Jennifer Lopez if you ever read this, your words tonight was truly inspiring, especially a young woman like myself. You open doors for women like myself and If it wasn’t for you people like us would never have a voice. I will continue to dream big and reach my success.


I hope you all enjoy the Billboard awards and my blog ❤

Much love, Be Kind and stay beautiful droogz

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