Part of me Tuesdays

Hey Everyone,

Before I begin my post I want to thank each and everyone of you who follows my blog. It means a lot to me.

Ok, You must be wondering what does this mean Part of me tuesday. Well it means every tuesday I will tell you story that happened to me. No holds bar! From Funny to Sad, I am bearing it all out to my readers. All of the stories I will tell is 100% true. Nothing is fabricated! Here we go.




February 20, 2010 I was celebrating my 21st birthday. I was so hyped. I was counting down my 21st since I was about 14 years old. I always wanted my night to be unforgettable. You know that saying be careful what you wish and ask for well this story is the perfect example!

I decided to throw a party in me and my mother’s new apartment. I invited over a few friends and cousins to celebrate with me. As a gift I got two bottles of Bacardi and I don’t me the personal bottles, I mean I got 1/2 gallons of Bacardi. I had chips, soda, cake, everything. I was doing a hollywood theme since I am into film and trying to make a career out of it. My family and friends came I was having a blast. I put everyone’s coat in my room locked. I didn’t want to sticky fingers incidents happening. As I walk out of putting my friend’s coat in my room, My cousin Celia jumps as she was telling her story, moved her elbows back and POW! I was elbowed in the forehead!

Puerto Rican home remedy to make a knot go down use salt and butter.

Yup I had a knot with salt and butter on my forehead. Wait, the night was just beginning. The doorbell rings, my friend comes with a group of her friends and i did not know any of them but I’m not rude the more the better I welcomed them into my home.

After a few drinks in my system I was buzzed and I was enjoying myself. All of a sudden I see my cousin hold her stomach and run of the apartment. So I ran after her, and I was like oh my god Im going to the hospital with her. So I run back to my room and she is running after me. Yes my cousin who was grabbing her stomach in pain was running after me. I realized and I was confused on whats going on. As I try to open the door to my room someone was behind there. I was about to catch the sticky finger bandit. As I forcefully opened the door. I see my best friend of twenty years lighting candles on a Cake that he wanted to surprise me with. I ruined the surprise.

1 minute later


I blew out the candles…but didn’t get any slice of the cake. But i heard it was good.

ok So after all the cake eating and everybody still having a good time. I went to my room, I totally forgot for what but all I know as  I was leaving my room all of a sudden my cousin Celia screams


Ok so my apartment was brand new. My mother and I are the first people to live in that apartment, The walls were plastered, it hasn’t been painted. As I go to the living room, My entire living room walls were blue from people’s ass rubbing against the wall and it was chipped. I was mortified. Not only that my mother was furious! She got so angry she started throwing juice at me. I knew by her temper it was my first and last party in my house and to be honest I love it that it was my last party.

All of a sudden my face was hot and I was wondering why. I run into the bathroom, my face broke out in hives. Yes!!! My face with a the knot still there with dried up butter and salt, just broke out into hives. As I walk back into the living room I see my friend’s friend on the floor throwing up. She was wasted! They dragged her into the bathroom. I told my cousin to get a rag and clean it up while i check on her. I saw her on the phone, She called someone to pick her up. I told her no more drinking. I went to my kitchen got her a cup of water and told her to stay in the bathroom if she needed to. As I walk into the living room. Almost everyone left and My cousin finished wiping the floor and now she was washing the knife and spoon that was dirty with the cake. I asked her what did you use to clean the vomit. She said the sponge. I looked at her and asked her what sponge? She said the one Im using right now to clean the knife and spoon. I was disgusted, I threw out that sponge and utensils.

The last thing to end my night, The people that my friend’s friends called smelled like pure weed. Listen i have nothing against weed and potheads but my mom is here and she hates that smell and not only that you’re a man, put on some curve if you don’t have it like that and if you do then you ass better go to Macy’s a get the biggest bottle of gucci cologne they have!. . Not only that they pick up my friend’s friend, my friend leaves with them .

5 Minutes later… The doorbell rings

Its my super!

Yes, my super came to my door and told me that the people that smelled like nothing but weed that need to walk up and down the cologne section of Bloomingdales and know what great scent is were smoking weed in the hallway. It may not seem like a big deal people but you have to understand I live with a mother that is paranoid. She is very cautious and she was upset all of this happened because she didnt want to ruin (which it did) and/or loose the apartment and I understand that. He threatened to call the cops in my mom. The party was over.

By 5am everybody was gone accept for my best friends, and a new people I chill with. After cleaning we all went to a Diner and we ate. As I finished my meal, I looked at my right hand and on my my pinky I had a tiny blood clog. Since I was younger I always wanted a birthday to remember.




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