Favorite Film Wednesdays: Drop Dead Fred


Hey Guys!

This is one of my favorite movies of all time. It’s actually my childhood favorite as many people from my age group can agree.

Drop Dead Fred starring Rik Mayall, Phobe Cates, Ron Eldard, and Tim Matheson. Elizabeth aka Lizzie (Phobe Cates) world have turned for the worse. Her husband Charles (Tim Matheson) has cheated on her but she can’t stop loving him. Her friend Janey (Carrie Fisher) trying to keep Lizzie spirits up, Lizzie is unhappy.

In her unhappy state, her imaginary friend Fred (Rik Mayall) comes back after being lock away from Lizzie Cold Hearted Mother. Drop Dead Fred’s purpose is to make Lizzie happy. As much as she is happy to see Fred and remembered care free memories they have when she was a child, all he seem to do was cause trouble.

A couple of actions Lizzie had done causes her mother aka the mega beast or the mega bitch, to take her to the doctors and finally get rid of Drop Dead Fred by medications.

That’s so Namby Pamby


After Fred re-tells the memory of the last time she saw Fred. It ended up with a mud pie, Fred castaway in a box and Elizabeth’s father walking out.
After telling that memory, She finally decides to go to a wine tasting party With Fred in order to get Charles back.
While Fred slithers on the floor to find Charles, he ends up finding Annabella, Charles’ Girlfriend.

After seeing Lizzie, Charles goes back to Lizzie. She starts taking the medication to get rid of Fred. Before taking the last pill, Lizzie hears Charles having a conversation with Annabella and realize he has not changed at all. Fred becomes the only person she can trust. In a dream like world, Fred helps Lizzie conquer her fears of her mother, Charles Infidelities and the child in her dealing with loneliness. After coming over her fears, she realizes she doesn’t need Fred anymore.

This movie will always have a place in my heart.

On June 9,2014 Rik Mayall who plays drop dead Fred died.

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