Finally the LIGHTS will go OUT!


Droogs and Diamonds
How I have missed you!!!! I know it should be a sin for me not to keep posting blogs. Honey if it was I’d need to be baptized in a holy ocean!

Bad Joke

Anyways there has been so much going on me with me. I never talk about my personal life…… Ever but I need to start so I can stop seeing my therapist… She’s more delusional than I am…

That wasn’t a joke I’m being serious!

Anyways back to the sh*t I was going to blog about and I don’t mean sh*t like a piece but I mean the sh*t in a great way!!!

The film Lights Out finally has a trailer…

Yes yes please be hyped as I was when I found out. Seeing the trailer….. Ehhhh OK it looks great but I have a feeling the best parts are in the trailer.

Hey Horror editors, producers and Directors….. Stop with that ish… That’s what is killing horror!!!!

The film was based of a short film by David Sandberg..
I loved the short film. When I taught my kids in Multicultural middle school they loved it.

You’re probably saying why am I showing these kids these types of film…

Oh please like you wasn’t young watching horror films and if you was then your parents must have been corrupted religious people.

Again I wasn’t joking on that one ⬆

If you haven’t seen you are in luck its OK I’ll accept the appo-polly-loggies later!!

Now the trailer, I seen that they gave it a story which is great! I freaking love stories! Butttttttttt I just feel like its been done so many times.

I love James Wan I feel like he is the only one… Well he is the only one reigning in the horror game right now..

That’s because I haven’t stepped in… ::cough::
Omg my allergies!

OK one thing I loved is that in the beginning of the trailer is the same woman from the short film so boom right there I’m invested..

What made me feel mehhhh about it was how they are portraying the story. I feel its too cliché. There could have been different ways to go about it.

I think a jealous angry ex wife who has been murdered by her husband but really the ex wife and husband are uncle and niece… See how something so simple as lights out can be interrupted in so many ways.

But so far I won’t say I’m 100% invested but I’m there..

If you haven’t seen the trailer check it down below

Be Kind, Stay Pretty
A.J. 💋

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