Hot Men Mondays: Gary Oldman

Hey everyone!

So I am doing Hot Men Mondays, I know there is Man Crush Mondays but I figure Hot Men Mondays would be better. To start off my Hot Men Monday segment is to start off someone who was truly sexy to me and til this day this man is balls to the wall sexy!


I’m talking about Gary Oldman! Yes, Gary Oldman not Coleman, so you don’t get it confused! This is man is so sexy! The first movie I have ever seen Gary Oldman in was in the docudrama film Sid and Nancy. First off Sid Vicious is an Icon, so to find someone who not only kind of looks like him but to kinds of act like him is amazing.


This is actually one of my favorite films from him. I thought the film could have been better since I’m such a huge Sid vicious and Sex Pistols fan, I felt the film was just a tease of the truth. The next film he did that I love is Crimmal Law, it also stars Kevin Bacon.
Then he was is in Bram Stoker’s Dracula!


Then He stared alongside with Natalie Portman in the movie the professional


And who can forget the infamous Zorg in the iconic film The Fifth Element.


He also done roles such as Commissioner Gordon, Sirius Black and the recent role of Dreyfus in the new Dawn of the Planet of the Apes movie.

Now, he’s is such an amazing actor but he’s not one of those people who age and looks hideous. No, this man ages damn well! He still looks good for his age! He is definitely on my list for Hot Men! This man could be 80 years old and still look fine I mean who can do that? Gary Oldman can!


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