Favorite Films: Sometimes They Come Back

Hey guys!

I’m back with another favorite film and this time it’s Sometimes They Come Back. Starring Tim Matheson. Directed by Tom McLoughlin. The film was a made for TV Film and it was based on Stephen King’s short story.


Tim Matheson plays Jim Norman, a man who is a teacher returns back to his hometown with his wife and son. Jim hasn’t been back since the death of his brother Wayne Norman (played by Chris Demetral)

The first night of his return he dreams about the time his brother died. He awakes as to him it was a bad dream.

One student dies, one of the guys who murdered his brother returns into his classroom.


Jimmy, his wife and son go back to the same spot where his brother died. His brother comes back and this time around Jimmy can save him. By saving Wayne, he can finally go to heaven.


This film is a really great film! I recommend it to people who
Love horror or Stephen King. This is one unique, creepy story.

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