The Epidemic Update

Hey Droogs and Diamonds

I am so sorry I haven’t kept anyone updated. The Epidemic was suppose to be released for January 20th. Problems with Ebook formatting and other complications it wasn’t able to be released on January 20th. Embarrassing but that’s how the cookie crumbles. However it will be for sure released on February 2nd. Which means Retribution for Greed as been pushed back as well. I am so sorry.

People has been asking me how they can purchase it online. 

You can purchase it on Barnes and Noble, Amazon and Through the epidemic website.

However, if you by it through the epidemic website you have two options

Option one: You can by the book and receive a personal letter from myself

Option Two: You can receive autograph copy of the book and receive a personal letter from one of the characters leaving clues for book two. 

Thank you so much for the support it means the world to me!!!

Be Kind, Stay Pretty



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