Krampus Trailer

Hey Droogs and Diamonds,

This trailer has been out for quite some time now. However, I never did a blog on it or I don’t remember doing one so here we go. When I first saw the trailer, it flat out looked like You’re Next but during the most wonderful time of the year, and Black Christmas.

To me it looked like a miss film. I seen it again and I am intrigued. Im fully not invested because to me it looks like all the horror scene or if not most are in the trailer. I hate movies like that with a passion. However, I do give on how they picked casting. When I first saw it. I immediately thought it was a comedy because Adam Scott was in it. I love Adam Scott but I mostly seen him in Comedies so that was interesting to see.

I will be seeing this film. Will it break box office? I highly doubt it.

If you haven’t seen the trailer, check it down below

Be Kind, Stay Pretty


A.J. lips_PNG6220

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