Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa

Hey Droogs and Diamonds

I’m back and with some Mighty News!

It was announced recently that Elizabeth Banks will be playing not Villainous Rita Repulsa!!!



After seeing the casting choice for The Power Rangers, I was intrigued. I will always be the Yellow Ranger so Ms. Becky G. You have a huge role in my eyes. You better Slay as Trini Kwan.

The Power Rangers will always be my childhood and a lot of people can agree with me.

Was I hyped about the casting choices?

Not Really.

Am I hype now that they casted Elizabeth Banks?


I think she will slay this role and give it her flavor to it which we should all expect!

Dean Israelite will be directing the flick. He has a tough shoe to fill as a fan of the original series! None of that Ninja, Space, Jerkoff crap. Dean Israelite directed Project Almanac.


Now, they haven’t made casting choice yet but Who can you see playing Zordon?

Now a lot of people were talking about Lord Zedd. I don’t  have choice as for an actor to play Lord Zedd. I feel he shouldn’t be in the first film. I feel that if the movie becomes a success which I hope (FINGERS CROSSED) He will be definitely in the second film.



2017 will be Morphin Time!

Be Kind, Stay Pretty


A.J. lips_PNG6220




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