Halloween Trailer

Hello Droogz and Diamonds!!!

Today the trailer for Halloween has dropped.  I wasn’t as this excited as I was for when the trailer for IT came out.

I am interested however I am skeptical. Here’s why…


Enjoyed the trailer?

Ok. I absolutely love the trailer.  John Carpenter teams up with Blumhouse Productions, Miramax, Rough House Pictures to produce a new Halloween film.

I have followed the Halloween Series. I actually like obviously the first film (Classic), Halloween 4: The return of Michael Myers and Rob Zombie’s Halloween. Out of the ones I like I would have to say my favorite would be Halloween 4.  After watching Halloween 5, I didnt have interest in the series anymore.

From the storyline on IMDB says:

Laurie Strode comes to her final confrontation with Michael Myers, the masked figure who has haunted her since she narrowly escaped his killing spree on Halloween night four decades ago.

Here is why I am skeptical. In Halloween Resurrection, Laurie Stroder dies in the psychiatric facility from a fall due to Michael Myers stabbing her in the back.  I’m guessing this is written in an entirely different universe where all the other installments won’t be incorporated. However, I wonder how it will flow nicely with the original. I’m just afraid it’s just going to give me false hope.

John Carpenter is part of the writing team with David Gordon Green and Danny McBride. Yes, the hilarious comedian from This is the end and Pineapple Express is a writer for this film.

By looking at this trailer, this is the Halloween installment fans have been waiting for. This should have been after H20 rather than having the ressurection installment. I do however am invested into seeing this and I can’t for October 19.

Comment below on what you thought of the trailer.

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Be Kind, Love each other and Stay Pretty,

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