Am I invested?: Toy Story 4 Trailer Review

Hello Droogz and Diamonds,

Welcome back to my blog!!!!

Toy Story 4 Trailer just dropped and I am deceased but not really!!!!

Honestly, I am curious as to why they made a part 4. I felt that part 3 was a perfect closure to the Toy Story Series. Making a part 4 for me wasn’t necessary.

Seeing the trailer, to be honest, I don’t know what’s the plot to this story. Watching the trailer made me feel as if Pixar said We are bored, let’s make a part 4.

Will it make money? Of course. Pixar always makes money on movies they release. There is one thing Pixar will (most of the time) never put out a film if they know it’s going to flop. They’re good in storytelling. Girl, they had me balling with the movie UP. That movie has much personal connection to me. 

Am I invested? As much I strongly believe a part 4 wasn’t necessary, I am invested to see how would they live up to the last one.  If you guys haven’t see the trailer check it down.


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