American Horror Story: Seasons One – Four

Hey Droogz and Diamonds,

October 7th will be the season premiere of American Horror Story Season Five.

Before I Starr talking about what I hope to see season five, I’m going to recap seasons one – four.

Season One- The Murder House


After an affair, a family decided to move and buy a three buys a large home for a reduced prices than other homes in the area. The problem? The previous owners died in the house.

Season Two- Asylum


Season Two is very different from season one. It was a hard time for fans to adjust. This season had to do with a Young Man (Evan Peters) ends up in a Mental Asylum for a murder he didn’t commit.

Season Three- Coven


Coven was much better than season two. Season three by far has been the best season when it comes to filming. The shots, the angles went well with the story. This season is about a boarding school for witches. Supreme Fiona Goode comes back to find out who’s going to be the next supreme. In the midst of all of this Fiona Goode exhumed the body of Delphine LaLaurie who was bury alive by Marie Laveau. In the end, there is a test the girls from the coven must do to find out who is the next supreme.

Season Four- Freak Show


This was a disappointing season for me. This season was kinda or mostly based on my favorite film Freaks. This season is about a German Woman who always fantasied about being a hollywood star owns the last freak show circus.

Tonight is the premiere of season five. Although I am very sad that last season was Jessica Lange’s final season, but tonight Lady GaGa makes her debut in the series and I can’t be anymore excited!




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